To provide respite care centre for Mentally Retarded children

To establish and operate homes for mentally retarded persons along with aged parents of mentally retarded


To bring the Mentally Challenged Persons under one roof, when the parents are no more. Death is inevitable hence at least parents have some relief by seeing their children living in a peaceful and good atmosphere, where utmost care is taken by the trust when they are no more.


To help mentally challenged persons to lead a normal life like others.


To provide shelter and serve as a rehabilitation centre to bring hope in lives of Mentally challenged persons and aged parents and also spread the message of the movement to other place to duplicate the activities all over india


To conduct arrange and manage programmes which will focus on providing the Mentally Challenged persons and aged persons with improved access to health  care services, community based services, income generating activities and training.


To provide the Mentally retarded persons with parents and senior citizens with health services at door steps through mobile medicare services for affordability , accessibility and availability to enable older people to assume an active role in maintaining and improving their own health and in encouraging other to do the same, particularly giving medicines  counseling and health services at free of cost.


To primarily serve those mentally retarded persons and their parents personally or professionally with related problems , Mentally physically and psychological health, terminal illness and the process of grief of isolation and being discarded by relatives and society.


To train them in self help skill toileting, brushing bathing dress grooming folding and making bed for sleep etc,


To train them in physical exercises and also yoga training


To train them in eating habit arranging break fast lunch and dinner and training them to eat in systematic way


Social skill  taking them out in the evening for walk and taking them places like market, theatre etc.,


We also having respite care centre  where parents of Mentally retarded  with no normal children can drop ther children here to attend emergency like medical or any family urgency etc here parents have great relief that their children are safe and they can attend to their personal work


Residential care for aged persons means parents of mentally retarded who are aged and cant take care of themselves and who don’t have normal children to take care



To help the parents and other members of the family of mentally handicapped in solving their problems. By taking care of special children by trust.


To help the Mentally Retarded children and Old Aged Parents of M.R. to have shelter life long. 




To love and serve with care the mentally challenged persons and Old Aged Persons.




Every person with mental retardation and Aged Persons deserves the best possible care in their life.