Welcome To YOGSAN

YOGSAN ASHRAYA TRUST ( Residential Care for Mentally Retarded & Old Aged Persons) , Secunderabad is registered  Public Trust. The Trust has been formed by the parents of  Mentally Callenged children along with professionals and well to do citizens of the society. The purpose of incorporation the trust is that, the society has become so commercial and busy that the time and love is not being given to these mentally challenged persons by their own sibling and family members. Secondly the never ending worry of  the parent of mentally challenged children to look after their wards after their demise. Keeping in view the long term needs and time consuming factor to make these persons independent the parents of these effected persons have started this Yogsan  Ashraya to cater to the needs of the Mentally Challenged, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other multiple disability  persons and their aged parents.


Every parents of Mentally Retarded will always be thinking “ WHAT WILL HAPPENED TO MY CHILD WHEN I AM NO MORE”


The object of Trust is to provide the residential accommodation to the poor Mentally Retarded children and aged persons ( Parents of M.R and Aged M.R. Persons) who have rendered home less by their wards. After the death of the parents of Mentallly Reatarded the big question is who will look after these special children . This was the reasons to start this Trust with a hope that special can stay in this trust having peaceful life till they are alive.


The same parents are running an organization viz PAMENCAP( Parents Association for the Mentally Handicapped Persons), successfully since twenty five year, established in the year 1986. The main objective is to train and rehabilitate the special children. There are two projects special school and vocational training centre. As the children are grown up above 35 years of age and parents are above 60 years of age, the parents are worried about the future of their ward and also of themselves. To help the poor parents and these special children we started this organization.